Immigration and Marriage

How is Marriage integral to immigration?

There are 3 main ways to legally immigrate to the U.S.  One of the main ways is through Family; family meaning an immediate relative: Spouse/Parent/Child/Sibling.  Many people come to the U.S. to marry their Fiance.  To do so, it is best to obtain an Fiance visa prior to coming to the U.S.  Others may be in the states to visit, work, or go to school and then decide they cannot wait and marry thier significant other.  In either case, Visas/Green Cards are in unlimited supply to those petitioning via their marriage.  Immigrants legally present in the U.S. can adjust status and petition for themselves and thier children.  Your Paralegal can help your family petition for  all above applicable visas and for a green card.  Contact us for more information:

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20 Oct 2015

By Lauren Ewing