Our Top 5 Wedding Tips for Planning a Winter Wedding

Spring, Summer and Fall seem to capture most of the “ I dos” when it comes to the majority of couple’s ideal choices for their wedding day. Winter weddings are rare and though they are often overlooked they can be just as beautiful, if not even more so than what the traditional wedding season has to offer.

So here are our top five tips when it comes to planning the perfect winter wedding!

1.) Embrace the gorgeous winter light!

Winter’s unique light is one of the prettiest aspects of winter and one of the greatest elements you can add to your wedding day portraits! The days may be shorter, but that doesn’t mean you are left in the dark when it comes to having your portraits filled with dreamy light on your wedding day!

When you are creating your wedding day timeline consider the time the sun sets on your special day and these two options for attaining the best portraits for your winter wedding.

     A.) A First Look:

First looks are amazing at any time of the year,  but they are especially great for winter weddings with evening ceremonys. It’s the best of both worlds when you can achieve a great portrait time filled with gorgeous light that everyone desires as well as that sweet and cozy candle light ceremony that embraces the season.

     B.)  Earlier Ceremony Time:

 Consider an afternoon ceremony to leave plenty of time for glowy post-ceremony portraits.


2.) Be prepared for the cold and intentional about staying warm!

There is nothing worse than you and your entire wedding party being miserably cold because no one prepared in advance to keep warm for the chilly temperatures that winter weddings could inevitably bring your way.

Having warm drinks, hot hands, coats, blankets, etc… all available and ready to be used when the weather turns cold will not only make everyone a lot happier, but your entire day go smoother.

3.) Find inspiration from the season!

From the color pallet, decor, and ambiance, winter weddings are filled with unique and beautiful details that can really standout from other weddings throughout the year.

Embrace it all and you will naturally create a wedding day that is gorgeous and unique!

4.) Consider the weather!

From snow, ice and gusty wind storms, winter weather can sweep in quickly and completely change the whole outcome of your day. Prepare in advance for a “plan-B” and be up for the adventure the day might bring!


5.) Don’t forget about your guests!

Give your guests a warm welcome in from the cold with a few options to help keep them warm! A cozy fire, warm drinks, and a few blankets will all offer your guests a warm and cozy atmosphere.

26 Feb 2016

By Meghan & Micaela | True Foundation Photography