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Questions for the Caterer


There is a lot more to catering than just making great food. Here are fourteen questions to ask potential caterers to ensure you hire the right one for your wedding!... Read full article

Geckoes Lodge

by Anushay on

Geckoes Lodge is a beautiful eco-lodge where you can experience barefoot luxury and leisure. Situated in Cocles, a small village south of Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Geckoes has a secluded location, yet close to all amenities.... Read full article

How to Plan for a Stress Free Wedding Day


When thinking about your wedding day...think like a Boy Scout! Be prepared for anything. The more pre-planning you do the easier and happier that day will be. ... Read full article

Creating with Color


“Were not in Kansas any more Toto!” Remember when Dorothy and Toto first arrived in OZ and the film went from black and white to vibrant color? That's the effect you can create for your wedding reception! ... Read full article

Event Music Your Way - DJ vs Band vs iPod


Music can be the focus of any event or simply used as background to set the mood. Budget and your party's goals can help you determine which kind of music you want. ... Read full article

Planning Your "Plan B"


Planning Your “Plan B” Being an event planner in Oregon, I always have a “Plan B” for every outdoor event. It doesn't matter if your wedding or event is in June or never know if you will have rain or it will be 100 degrees! ... Read full article

Each Event's Venue “Sets the Stage”


Whether you are looking for a venue that complements your wedding's theme, an outdoor setting, or a location that has easy accessibility for Grandma Gladys, your venue “sets the stage” for your event!... Read full article

Setting a Wedding Budget


Yuck! Really? Do we have to talk about money when there are so many other fun things about planning a Wedding? Yep, and here's why. Your budget is the reality of your dreams.... Read full article

Professional vs "Uncle Bob" - Bride Education 101


Who is "Uncle Bob" and why should you care? This article is our continuing series Bride Education 101. ... Read full article

Perfect Planning with Carolyn

by Waverly Bride Contributor -Carolyn O. Miller on

What is new in party decorating? What venue would work best for my sister's outdoor wedding next year? Can you recommend a good caterer? These are questions I hear every week.... Read full article