Unity Rituals

Unity rituals within the wedding ceremony add meaning and memories.  

Presentation of red roses, symbols of Love, to honor the mothers.

The groom walks down aisle with his parents, to welcome the bride’s entrance with her parents.  When every one is front and center, all of the parents may welcome the new spouses into their families with hugs, handshakes and welcoming words.

The Unity Candle is a popular for the indoor ceremony.  In a recent ceremony, the mothers and fathers each lit candles. The bride and groom lit their individual candles from their parents’ joined candles, then the couple joined their flames together to light the Unity Candle.  The passing of light from one generation to the next is beautiful symbolism.

Mingling of Sands is popular. When couples are blending families with children. Everyone has a special color to add to this wedding keepsake. 

16 Jul 2015

By Toni Torquato