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Current owners, Daniel Samson and Liane Mendez, met at culinary school and quickly realized that their complimentary styles and similar passion for cooking could form a successful partnership. In 1998 Daniel and Liane formed Market Fresh Catering. Their mission for the company was to combine the event planning and design with fresh, delicious food. Over these next few years they often crossed paths with Barbara, working together on several events, and came to know each other quite well. In 2004 Barbara approached Daniel and Liane about taking over Let’s Pretend Catering to allow her to focus on other ventures. A year later they merged the two companies and began the transition to the new LP that you see today. Daniel and Liane still hold true to their original values but have made them even stronger by combining them with their years of experience and their passion for industry trends. They believe whole heartedly in limited bookings and being on site for the duration of the event. Their direct involvement during all of these stages provides clients with a multitude of creative options and enables Daniel or Liane to run the event with the client’s vision in mind. After all of their years of catering, it is the creativity, for the menu and the design, that makes every job memorable and fun. Our staff constantly receives compliments from our clients, their guests as well as industry professionals. Their pleasant demeanor and overall attentiveness make it easy for clients to simply enjoy hosting their event. Our turnover rate is very low and we are fortunate to have had several lead service members with us for over 6 years. Each year before our summer season begins our staff, new and returning, attend a training session to review our service expectations and etiquette standards. This team building work shop allows every member of our team to be comfortable and confident heading into all of our events We believe in a small crew with a great deal of passion to produce all of the high quality food for each event. Our team of cooks work summer after summer alongside Daniel and Liane hand making all of our food items. We have chosen these individuals for their culinary skills and diverse knowledge within the culinary field as well as their pursuit for excellence. This small core team sets a strong foundation for the success of all of our events.



  • Simply provide us with a general overview of your gathering or submit our request for estimate form. With this information we can build a few sample menus and provide a complete estimate of costs. As this information begins to take shape, we will move our focus onto any additional details such as rentals, flower arrangements and arranging a site visit. If you are tight on time in planning any event, simply call our office (802-651-1081) and we will go over what we can provide in your given time frame.
  • Some of the best memories throughout our lives are from moments when we take time to celebrate a close friend or family member. Whether it's a milestone birthday or a significant accomplishment, these gatherings allow us to slow down, from the busy day to day, and simply enjoy sharing each other's company. We at Let's Pretend, can assist with these celebrations allowing you more time with your guests. Our catering services range from delivery only to fully staffed events depending on our client's individual needs.
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My wife and I used Let's Pretend Cateriing for our wedding a few weeks ago and we wanted to praise them for their great work (I don't usually take the time...

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