How to Get the Best Detail Pictures on Your Wedding Day

How to Get the Best Detail Pictures on Your Wedding Day


Love gorgeous ring shots? Adore seeing your grandmother’s earrings sparkle in a photo? Detail shots are one of our favorite things to photograph on a wedding day! We love seeing all of the time and effort that a bride puts into choosing her jewelry and accessories, so here are some tips to help make your detail pictures even better! 


Have all of your detail items separated and placed in a special bag or box in your bridal suite. 

This will make it easy for you and your photographer the morning of the wedding because you won’t be scrambling to find all of the items on your list and your photographer can start capturing each of your special detail items at the beginning of your day!


Include the leftovers.

Whether it is leftover decorations from your reception, lace, ribbons, tablecloths, flowers/plants, all of these items can be used to help your photographer stage your details and incorporate your wedding colors and style into the photos.


Have the bouquets ready!

If at all possible, ask your florist to have your florals delivered to your bridal suite early in the day.


Include all 3 rings in your detail box!

Yep, that’s right! Your photographer will need your wedding band, the groom's wedding band, and your engagement ring to stage the perfect set up for your ring shots! So many brides will have both wedding bands in her detail box, but then head to the salon and forget to leave her engagement ring. So, remember to have ALL 3 rings in your wedding detail box! Your photographer/wedding planner will make sure to get the rings back to the maid of honor and bestman before the ceremony!

Here are some items to include for your detail shots!


Bride's Detail Items:

Wedding Gown

All three rings







Invitation Suite



Groom's Details:










(Ask your florist to bring any leftover flowers that were not used in your bouquets. Extra florals are a wonderful way to add a pop of color to your details shots!)

29 Jun 2016

By Meghan & Micaela | True Foundation Photography