Something Blue Guardian Angel Pin

Have you ever wondered where the saying “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” came from?  This little poem dates back to the Victorian Age.  Many of the wedding traditions we embrace today date back to this romantic era.  The four items mentioned in the poem are meant to bring good luck to the bride and the newly married couple.

Something Old: 

Symbolizes CONTINUITY of the bride’s family and her past.  The “old” item has different meanings.  Some believe that it’s a desire to remain connected with your family even after you’ve established a family of your own.  It can also represent the life you are leaving behind.  There are several ideas that a bride can use as her “something old.”  They include a cherished piece of jewelry from mom or grandma, a bonnet from the bride’s christening day, a keepsake hanky from mom’s wedding day or a piece of lace from mom or grandma’s wedding gown stitched into the hem of her gown.

Something New:

Symbolizes HOPE and OPTIMISM for the couple’s future and that their marriage will stand the test of time.  Some brides’ consider their wedding gown as their “something new.”  You could also carry a new hanky, or wear a new piece of jewelry with your wedding gown. The “something new” item is the easiest to come up with, since most everything you wear that day is new.

Something Borrowed:

Symbolizes borrowing something from mom, grandma, or someone special who has been happily married and hoping that their good fortune will carry over to the bride.  The bride could borrow a small pretty purse, a beautiful piece of jewelry, a string of pearls, an old handkerchief that mom or grandma carried, or a cake cutting knife set. 

Something Blue: 

Symbolizes LOVE, FIDELITY, MODESTY and PURITY.  The early Christians chose pale blue for the Virgin Mary to wear.  Before the late 19th century, many brides chose blue as the color of their wedding gowns.  Brides have gotten creative incorporating something blue into their wedding ensemble.  Many wear the traditional blue garter.  Others have worn blue panties, blue eye shadow, blue nail polish, a piece of blue jewelry with blues stone in it, and even blue shoes.

For centuries, brides have given a lot of thought about what they will use as their something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue tradition.  Many believe that these items will bring the bride good luck.   Today, brides use this tradition to honor people close to them on their wedding day.

Creating My Own Something Blue Angel Pin

A few years ago when my daughter was getting married,  she wanted something special for her something blue.  She also wanted a guardian angel pin to watch over her on her wedding day so I incorporated the two ideas into a special something blue angel pin for her to wear on her special day.  One afternoon, I played around with some parts and created her a  something blue angel pin.   She pinned it onto the ribbon of her bouquet.  Guardian angel pins can also be pinned somewhere on the bride’s gown.  Other brides have pinned it to a handkerchief that they carry.  

Then my daughter had another idea.  She thought that I should make a  something blue angel pin set that would include a poem.  She thought there might be other brides looking for something different than the traditional blue garter to wear on their wedding day.  So I created two different sets for brides to choose from.

This set comes with a poem card and a something blue angel pin along with a royal blue velveteen gift bag.  This is the perfect set to give to a bride who perhaps already has a special handkerchief to carry on her special day.  Each angel pin is available in an antique gold or silver finish.  They each have a pearl head.  Nestled in the wings of each angel is a heart with three sapphire blue Austrian crystals inside the heart.

The second set I created comes with a beautiful, floral poem card, your choice of a lace or embroidered handkerchief, and your choice of an antique gold or silver something blue angel pin.   This set is perfect for the bride who doesn’t have a hanky to carry. 

The poem that comes with both sets reads:

Here’s a guardian angel
that has a touch of something blue.
Wear her on your wedding day
and she’ll watch over you.

She’ll calm your nerves
and she’ll guide you all the while
Giving you peace and joy
As you’re walking down the aisle.

May she also help remind you
As you pledge your lifelong love,
that she will protect and guide you
And keep watch from up above.

Author: Denise Wiedeman

This is a Something Blue Angel Pin Hanky Set available at http://AngelDesignsBy

         Something Blue Hanky & Angel Pin Set             

  Either on of these sets make a thoughtful gift for a bride.  They can be given at a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or just because.

05 Nov 2015

By Denise Wiedeman